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Immigration Law

Ellen represents clients on matters related to immigration and naturalization, asylum, and deportation and removal.

Ellen represents businesses on:

  • H1B visas for temporary workers in specialty professions
  • H2B, visas for seasonal workers
  • TN visas for professional Mexican and Canadian professional workers
  • L-visas for specialized skill international intracompany transferee workers
  • L-visas for executive and manager of international companies
  • EB1 visas and green cards for workers of extraordinary abilty
  • EB2 visas and green cards for workers with advanced degrees, exceptional abilities, researchers, scientists, and physicians
  • EB2 visas and green cards for workers who are doing work that is in the national interest, using National Interest Waiver
  • Labor certification and PERM processing for EB petitions
  • I-9 employment eligibility verification and compliance issues

Ellen represents families on:

  • Immigrant visas for qualifying relatives of US citizens and green card holders (lawful permanent residents)
  • Immigrant visas for same-sex spouses and fiancés and their qualiying family members
  • Immigrant visas for qualifying immediate relatives and qualifying non-immediate relatives such as husbands, wives, children, parents, brothers, and sisters
  • Consular processing of immigrant visas at US embassies and consulates abroad
  • Adjustment of status with immigrant visas at USCIS offices in the US
  • B-visas for co-habitating, including same-sex, partners of nonimmigrant holders
  • I-751 petitions for removal of conditions on lawful permanent residence
  • K-1 visas for fiancés of US citizens

Ellen represents individuals before USICS on:

  • Applications for US citizenship/naturalization
  • Applications for English-waivers for US citizenship
  • Applications for asylum
  • Petitions for U-visas for victims of crimes
  • Self-petitions for VAWA protection for battered spouses of US citizens and LPRs
  • I-751 wavier petitions to remove conditions on residence following a divorce from a US citizen
  • Change of status and extension of status for nonimmigrants
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests

Ellen represents individuals before the Immigration Court, BIA and CBP on:

  • Deportation and removal
  • Deferred inspection
  • Removal proceedings based on criminal convictions
  • Removal proceedings based on fraud charges
  • Defending against charges of abandonment of lawful permanent resident status
  • Cancellation of removal
Ellen representa a una amplia gama de clientes en muchos tipos de asuntos civiles y criminals. Ellen habla inglés, español y portugués.

Trabaja en todo tipo de casos de inmigración, incluyendo las peticiones para familiares, la deportación y expulsión, incluyendo casos con condenas penales. Nosotros representamos a individuos en peticiones para NACARA, TPS y VAWA. Representa a empresas en las solicitudes para trabajadores no-inmigrantes y por “green cards” para los trabajadores inmigrantes.

Ellen representa uma ampla gama de clientes em muitos tipos de matéria civil e penal, incluindo a imigração, imóveis residenciais, litígio civil e cobrança de dívidas. Ellen fala Inglês, Espanhol e Português.

Trabalha com todos os tipos de casos de imigração, incluindo petições para parentes, deportação e expulsão, incluindo casos com condenações penais. Nós representamos os indivíduos em pedidos de NACARA, TPS e VAWA. Representa empresas em aplicações para os trabalhadores não-imigrantes e de “green cards” para os trabalhadores imigrantes.

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